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PRS Group

Since our inception in 2004, PRS Telecom has been unwavering in our mission to deliver superior telecommunication solutions that are precisely tailored to meet the unique needs of each business, from startups to large national firms. Our commitment to enhancing customer service, improving efficiency, and fostering revenue growth has consistently driven our success.

PRS Connect

At PRS Connect, we bring over 15 years of specialised expertise in telecommunications services.

Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of offerings, including Cloud Services, Phone Systems, IT Support, Broadband & Leased Lines, and Servers & Cloud Migration.

We’re committed to delivering customised solutions like secure IoT and business-grade broadband, backed by exceptional customer service, ensuring reliable and efficient communications for our clients.

PRS Power

PRS Power, a leading independent utility service, excels in comprehensive utilities management and energy efficiency.

We identify potential savings up to 30%, extending our expertise to market analysis and tendering for competitive pricing and continuous cost reductions.

Our service encompasses the entire supplier switching process, from selection to invoice verification, offering clear market comparisons.

Additionally, PRS Power advocates for energy compliance, supports green energy initiatives, and promotes improvements like LED lighting and smart meters, assisting both single and multi-site clients in optimising energy use and minimising their carbon footprint.

PRS Engage

Our team offers comprehensive business consultation across Sales, Marketing, Management, Operations, Product Design, Contracts, Finance, and Recruitment.

We provide personalised sales training, strategic advising, and mentoring to help new and seasoned business owners alike achieve their goals. Whether you need support managing daily operations or strategic guidance for growth, our expertise is at your disposal.

We’re proud to have supported over 700 customers in more than 20 years of business. 

PRS Mobile

PRS Mobile delivers bespoke mobile communication solutions across the UK.

Specialising in business mobile services, we offer a range of options including mobile phones, airtime, tablets, and SIM-only deals. Our independence allows us to source the best packages from leading providers such as Vodafone, EE, and O2, tailored to the specific needs of each client.

From small enterprises to large business , we provide thorough billing evaluations, device selection advice, and dedicated customer support. Our approach ensures that businesses of all sizes receive the most efficient and cost-effective mobile communication strategies.

CabEyes LTD

CabEyes, a division of PRS Group, is reshaping the security landscape. We’re all about innovation and personalised service, ensuring you get excellent security solutions tailored to your needs.

With a focus on you, we provide cutting edge technology and expert guidance to make informed decisions. With a vast network of over 250 technicians across the UK & Ireland, our installation and project management services are unmatched. Offering 24/7 video monitoring, our motto “Our eyes are your security” reflects our dedication.

Based in North Wales, we forge strong partnerships worldwide, delivering comprehensive security solutions.


Netinspire, a new addition to PRS Group, is a Staffordshire-based marketing agency specialising in web design, development, and digital marketing. They offer services including website creation, search engine optimisation, and social media management to help UK businesses grow and strengthen their online presence.

Providing effective strategies tailored to each client, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can effectively attract and engage their target audience.

Known for their expert advice and dedicated customer support, they deliver tangible results that help businesses succeed online.